The key of Gianluca Vacchi’s success. The meeting point between aerobic activity and infrared technology.

Gianluca Vacchi's Word

"Since I designed, built and started using #ENJOYBIKE I feel like a kid, able to do anything! The pain in my joints disappeared, my body has sculpted itself and everyday I feel an incredible sense of lightness. Just listen to my friendly advice, try it straight away!"

Perfect for your business

You can request #ENJOYBIKE for your business for free! Your customers will be thrilled to try this amazing tool because the results are quick and clear. Once the questionnaire has been completed, one of our experts will contact you to explain you all the commercial details.

Tough and innovative design

The bike’s frame is studied down to the smallest detail and we developed a seat that guarantees maximum comfort. A tough and simple but, at the same time, extremely comfortable structure. After all, simplicity is the ultimate in refinement!

Which are the benefits?

Infrared rays relax tissues and joints, simplify the reduction of body fat and counteract water retention, and therefore cellulite formation. They also facilitate the elimination of toxins and excess fluids, reduce muscular fatigue and increase tissues’ oxygenation.

How does a session work?

One session lasts 45 minutes and allows you to burn up to 800 Kcal. The 30°C average temperature during training and the variable hardness of the pedaling, guarantee an excellent aerobic activity. A tablet is placed on the bike so you can use it and relax over the whole workout.

For who is it suitable?

It is suitable for everyone, women and men! Whether you want to lose weight, or you want to keep your ideal weight, #ENJOYBIKE is just perfect. What's more, by constantly training with the bike, you can significantly improve your sports performance.

It's the right time!

We have produced a limited number of #ENJOYBIKE. Request it now for your business!

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